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    PVC Ignition Cable

    PVC Insulated and PVC Sheathed High Tension (Ignition Cable) For Automobiles
    These Cables are long-lasting and ensure proper distribution of power in the vehicle. These cables are also used in other applications where batteries are used, e.g. telecommunication, power, computers, etc. Where the D.C. voltage does not exceed 100 volts.
    Technical Data
    • Specification: BS 6862 Part-1 & IS 2465
    • Temperature range: -15 °C to +70°C
    • Conductor: Annealed Bare Copper Conductor, cl. 2
    • Insulation:PVC Insulation As per IS : 5831 Latest
    Sheath: PVC Sheath As per IS : 5831 Latest
    • Colour: Back
    • Marking: Q-FLX Cable 1.2 SQ.MM Ignition Cable
    • Packing: Available in 100 Metre Coils or As per customer requirement. Longer coils on special packing available on request.
    Product Features
    This PVC is impervious to water, petrol, diesel, acids, engine & lubricating oils and grease. 
    It is ideally suited for extreme weather conditions.
    Technical Information
    Area of conductor
    (sq mm)
    Number / Dia of strand (mm)Resistance at 20 C (Max) (Ohms) / KmTotal radial thickness of insulation (Nom.) (mm)Overall Diameter (Approx) (mm)