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    Submersible Cables

    Lead Free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES Volatge grade Up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010
    Suitable for giving the power connection in submersible pump motors used mainly for Agricultural practices where the cable needs to be tough and resistant to water.
    Technical Data
    • Approvals: IS 694 marked, FIA/TAC
    • Voltage Grade: Up to and Including 1100V
    • Conductor: Bright annealed bare electrolytic grade Copper conductor as per IS 8130:2013
    • Insulation:The insulation is PVC compound Type A of IS 5831
    Sheath: The sheath is of PVC compound Type ST1 of IS 5831
    • Core Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Sheath Colour: Black
    • Packing: 200 mtr and 500 mtrs in Polythene wrapping & also available in 500 mtr. & 1000 mtr. wooden drums on request. Longer lengths available on request.
    • Marking: The cables are printed with marking of “Q-FLX Cables (Size) Sq.mm x 3Core Flat YY 1100V IS 694 ISI CM/L-1115123”
    Product Features
    101 % Copper Conductivity, (IACS)  Extra Annealing
    100% Bunched Copper  Longer Service Life
    Higher Current Rating
    Technical Specification of Three Core Flat PVC Insulated and Sheathed Cable for working voltages up to and including 1100V
    Nominal Area of ConductorNumber and Nominal Diameter of WireNominal Thickness of insulationNominal Thickness of SheathThree Core FlatConductor Resistance at 20°C (Maximum)
    Overall Dimension, Max (W*H )
    1.522 /030*0.60.912.0 x 5.612.1
    2.536 /030* x 6.27.41
    4.056 /0.30* x 7.14.95
    6.084 /0.30** x 10.43.30
    1080 /0.40**1.01.424.2 x 10.41.91
    16.0126 /0.40**1.01.429.0 x 12.41.21
    *As per Class 2 Conductors of IS 8130:2013** As per Class 5 Conductors of IS 8130:2013 Conforms to IS 694 : 2010.
    Note: The number and Diameter of the conductor strands are for reference only. The size of the conductor is determined by its resistance. it may vary within the limits of related Classes and tables of IS 8130:2013. The above data is approximate and subject to manufacturing tolerance