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    Lead Free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES Volatge grade Up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010
    DC Solar cables are designed for connecting photovoltaic power supply systems. Essentially used for connecting the photovoltaic panels to the junction Box /Inverter. These flexible cables can be used both indoor and outdoor for flexible and fixed installations. Q-FLX DC SOLAR cables are also designed for a maximum permissible DC voltage of 1.8 Kv, Ambient temperature range of -40 °C to +90 °C and 120 °C on the conductor.
    Technical Data - Type 1
    • Standard: TUV SPECIFICATION BS EN 50618:2014
    • Voltage Grade: Up to and Including 1100V
    • Conductor: Bright Fine Tinned Electrolytic grade bunched flexible copper conductor with 99.97% purity and 101% conductivity As per BS EN 60228: 2005 Class 5
    • Insulation: Cross-linked Polyolefin Halogen-free Flame-retardant Compound with UV and Ozone protection properties.
    Sheath: Cross-linked Polyolefin Halogen-free Flame-retardant Compound with UV and Ozone protection properties.
    • Cores Identification: Red, Black or Natural
    • Sheath Colour: Black
    • Marking: The Cables are Printed with marking of Q-FLX SOLAR DC CABLES 1C X 4.0 SQ.MM as per EN 50618
    • Packing: Coil in 100 and 200 m in polythene wrapping (OR) As per customer requirement.
    Product Features of Solar Cable
    Designed to have a long life of more than 25 Years even under harsh conditions.UV and Ozone resistant.
    Carefully designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.Higher operating temperature range
    Excellent resistance to heat pressure
    Electrical Characteristics
    Rated DC Voltage: 1.5 KVRated AC Voltage: 0.6/1.0 kV
    Maximum permitted AC Voltage: 0.7/1.2 KVMaximum permitted DC Voltage: 1.8 Kv (Conductor/conductor, non-earthed system, circuit not under load) 0
    Working Voltage: DC 1000 VInsulation Resistance: 1000 M Ohm-Km
    Spark Test: 6000 Vac (8400 Vdc)Bending radius: Dynamic>5 x OD Static>4 x OD
    Voltage Withstand: 6500 V as per EN50395 for 5 Min.Ampacity: According to requirements of cables for PV systems
    Technical Data Sheet for Solar Cable
    TYPE 1
    Dimension of Solar D.C Cables from PV Module to Array Junction Box (As per TUV Specification BS EN – 50618:2014)
    Nominal Cross sectional area of the conductorMax. Wire Diameter of ConductorNo.of Wire (Nos)Nominal Thickness of InsulationNominal Thickness of SheathMean Overall Diameter Upper Limit Informative ValueCurrent Rating under according to method of installationConductor Resistance at 20°C Max. (Tinned Copper)
    Single Cable Free in air Single Cable on a surface Two loaded cable touching on a surface
    Dimension of Solar D.C Cables from Array Junction box to Main Junction Box & MJB to inverter (As per TUV Specification – BS EN – 50618:2014 )
    Type 2 105°C PVC HR-FR Solar Cable
    • Insulation: PVC Type C (HR FR) Insulation
    • Sheath: UV RESISTANCE PVC Type ST 2 ( HR FR) – Reach compliance Generally
    • Conforming To : IS: 1554 (Part 1) — 1988 & IS 694 -2010 guidelines
    Type 3 XLPE Solar Cable
    • Insulation: XLPE Insulation
    • Sheath: UV RESISTANCE PVC Type ST 2 ( HR FR) – Reach Compliance Generally
    • Conforming To : IS : 7098 ( PART 1) GUIDELINES