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      Lead-free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES, compliant with voltage grades up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010, are known for their reliability and safety. When it comes to ensuring the utmost quality and performance in your electrical installations, trust Qflx, the Best FRLS Cables in Chennai.

      Suitable for wiring in conduit and for fixed, protected installation. Particularly suitable for wiring in fire and explosion prone areas , chemical factories, densely wired areas, public building, schools, hospitals, commercial complex, theatres etc.
      Technical Data
      • Approvals: IS 694 marked, FIA/TAC
      • Voltage Grade: Up to and Including 1100V
      • Conductor: Bright annealed bare electrolytic grade Copper conductor as per IS 8130:2013
      • Insulation: Specially formulated Flame retardant Low Smoke and Halogen Lead Free (FR-LSH LF) PVC Compound manufactured In-House by a team of technical experts conforming to IS 5831 which restricts the spread of fire and offers Low Smoke and Low gas evolution which ensures improved visibility for trapped victims and facilitates fire fighting operation..
      Insulation Conformity:IS 5831, Type A/Type D - FR-LSH LF
      • Colours Marking Packing: Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Blue and with Orange colour strip or any other colour as per customer requirement.
      • Marking: The cables are printed with marking of “Q-FLX CABLES 1100V SQMM FR-LSH LF IS 694 ISI CM/L 1115123
      • Packing: The cables are packed as 90m coil in protective cartons from 1 sq.mm up to 6 sq.mm.. Longer length available up on request.
      Product Features
      101 % Copper Conductivity, (IACS)  Extra Annealing
      100% Bunched Copper  100% Lead Free
      Self Extinguishing  High Temperature Index
      Higher Oxygen Index    Low Smoke Density
      Low Halogen Acid Gas Evolution.
      Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen Properties (FR – LSH - LF)
      Critical Oxygen IndexTo determine the percentage of oxygen required for combustion of insulating material at room temperatureIS 10810 (Part 58): 1998Oxygen Index shall not be less than 29%
      Temperature IndexTo determine at what temperature normal oxygen content of 21% in air will support combustion of insulating materialIS 10810 (Part 64): 2003Temperature Index should be minimum 250°C at 21% of Oxygen
      Halogen Acid Gas EvolutionTo ascertain the amount of Hydrochloric acid gas evolved from insulation of wire under fire IS 10810 (Part 59): 1988 The gas evolved shall not exceed 20% by weight
      Smoke DensityTo determine the amount of Smoke emittedIS 13360 (Part 6/Sec 9)2001Smoke Density Rating Max.60%

      ***Also meets the requirement of Flammability Test as per IS 694:2010

      Technical Specification of Single Core, FR-LSH PVC Insulated Unsheathed Cable 1100V
      Nominal Area of
      Number and
      Nominal Diameter
      of Wire
      Nominal Thickness
      of insulation
      Maximum Overall
      Current Rating
      DC Conductor
      Resistance at 20°C
      114 /03*0.73.2141318.1
      1.522 /03*0.73.3181612.1
      2.536 /03*0.84.024207.41
      456 /030.84.830264.95
      684 /03**0.85.338333.30

      ***As per Class 2 Conductors of IS 8130:2013** As per Class 5 Conductors of IS 8130:2013 Conforms to IS 694: 2010.

      Note: The number and Diameter of the conductor strands are for reference only. The size of the conductor is determined by its resistance. it may vary within the limits of related Classes and tables of IS 8130:2013.
      The values given above are subject to tolerances as per relevent standards.
      Sample Card available on request 1.0 to 4.0 Sqmm