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Electrical wires in your home are like silent workers who operate behind the walls, crucial for the proper functioning of your house. However, during a fire, they can become a serious hazard, emitting smoke and fumes that can make your escape from the home very difficult. Standard PVC cables, unfortunately, are not exempt from this danger, releasing hazardous smoke and fumes that can worsen the situation. Here comes the role of zero halogen cables. These cables, with their special materials, can significantly reduce smoke and toxicity during a fire, providing a much safer alternative.

What are Zero Halogen Cables?

Halogen-free cables provide improved protection by creating a safer evacuation environment. Ordinary PVC cables that contain halogens release dangerous gases such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride when exposed to heat. These gases can cause lung irritation and damage electronic devices.

Why you should Choose Zero Halogen Cables?

Choosing zero halogen cables has quite a few advantages as below:

  • Improved Fire Safety: They are flame resistant. This provides better visibility during evacuations and reduces risks to your family. 
  • Reduced Corrosion: The fumes released by halogen-free cables are less corrosive. This means extra protection to nearby electronics from damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Halogen-free cables are eco-friendly because they don’t emit toxic gases during a fire

When and where should you use Zero Halogen Cables in Your Home

Even though zero halogen cables have a slightly higher cost, they are recommended for a variety of reasons:

  • Bedrooms and Living Areas: Bedrooms and living rooms are the most common spaces in every home. You should ensure clear escape routes in areas where your family commonly gathers or lives and reduce smoke inhalation during a fire.
  • Protection for Electronics: These cables protect your valuable electronic devices, such as TVs and speakers, in your home office or living room by emitting less smoke and fumes during a fire.
  • Fire Safety in Moisture-Prone Areas: Kitchens and bathrooms contain a lot of moisture, which can be an additional hazard during a fire. Installing halogen-free cables in these spaces is very important to ensure your safety.
  • Compliance with Building Codes: This may be required in certain areas of your home under local building regulations.

Selecting Zero Halogen Cables:

  • Consult an electrician: You should seek the advice of an electrician to understand whether these cables are suitable for your home. 
  • Choose Reputable Brands: To make sure you buy a quality product, you should always look for reputed and experienced manufacturers.
  • Choose the right type of Zero-Halogen Cable: There are a variety of halogen-free cables available in the market, such as flame-retardant zero-halogen (FRZH) Cable, Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen Cables, and High-Insulation Zero-Halogen Cables. Make sure you choose the right one for your requirements.

Our proficient engineers at Qfix Wires & Cables recommend zero halogen cables to ensure fire safety for your loved ones. Apart from being environment friendly and non toxic, they add an extra level of fire protection to your home and office. For more information, get in touch with us now.