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    Speaker Cable

    Lead Free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES Volatge grade Up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010
    These are highly recommended for use in connecting Speakers, used in Public Address systems installed in large residential complexes, for clear and distortion free voice With very low db loss.
    Technical Data
    • Conductor: The cables are manufactured with bright annealed plain flexible electrolytic grade bunched copper conductor.
    • Insulation: The bunched copper conductor insulated with specially formulated transparent PVC compound. These speaker cables offer extra flexibility and hence you will find it very easy to pull through the conduit without damage. For easy identification, one of the cores is marked with red colour strip all along the length of the cable. The distance between the two conductors is maintained consistently for uniform capacitance throughout the length.
    • Colour: Transparent / black / white with red tracing Also available in grey.
    • Marking: Q-FLX SPEAKER CABLE 2C X 1.0 SQ.MM
    • Packing: Available in 100 mtr & 305 meters project packaging. Higher lengths available on special request.
    Product Features
    Q-FLX Speaker cables use soft drawn and annealed conductors which allow the cables to be flexed without breaking
    High quality music and efficiency with speaker cable
    Clear and distortion free voice with low dB loss
    S.No.Nominal Cross sectional Area (Sq.mm) Equivalent (AWG) Max .DC Conductor 0 Resistance at 20 C (a/km) Maximum Overall Dimension (W X H) ( mm )
    10.52239.04.2 x 2.14
    20.751926.07 x 2.45
    31.01819.57 x 2.9
    41.51613.36.0 x 3.0
    52.5147.987.0 x 3.6
    64.0124.958.4 x 4.1
    76.0103.309.6 x 4.7