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    Telephone & Swithboard Cable

    Lead Free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES Volatge grade Up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010
    Q-FLX Telephone & Switch Board Cable Designed for voice clarity and elimination of cross talk are most suitable for indoor use in internal telephone wiring in high-rise buildings, offices ,hotels, residential complex ,Industrial complex for interconnection of telephone and intercom system ,Pbx and in central exchange for interconnection of distribution frames ,switching and transmission equipment’s. Offices, factories, hotels, residential complexes, etc.
    Technical Data
    • Specification: Cables are Generally made as per TEC Specification GR/WIR- 06/03.MARCH-2002 BSNL (DOT) & ITD specification S/WS113 B, S/WS 113 C ,S/WS 114 B or as per Customer specification
    • Range: 1 Pair to 20 Pair (0.4/0.5mm)
    • Conductor: The conductor is made of 99.97 % pure solid electrolytic grade of solid copper conforming to IS :8130 : of diameter 0.4,0.5,0.6,& 0.7 ,these cables have low conductor resistance
    • Insulation: The special grade High Density polyethylene (HDPE) used for insulation
    • Twisted Pairs: The insulated cores are twisted with uniform lay to form pairs and are bunched together in such a manner so as to minimise cross talk.
    • Jacket: The laid up pairs are jacketed with grey color, Specially formulated Flame Retardant (FR) compound to resist flame.
    • Marking: : Q-FLX 0.5 MM X 2 PAIR TELEPHONE CABLE
    • Packing: Available in 100 mtr. length in polybag. Higher lengths available on special request.
    Product Features
    High Speed Transmission Low Cross Talk
    Zero Noise LevelLow Attenuation
    Construction Properties


    Construction Parameters1 Pair2 Pair3 Pair4 Pair5 Pair
    Conductor (Solid annealed bare copper)0.4 mm diameter (nom.) & 0.5 mm diameter (nom.)
    Insulation Material  (0.4 & 0.5 mm dia.)High density polyethylene
    Insulation Thickness  0.4 mm dia.
    (Average)     0.5 mm dia
    0.17 mm
    0.20 mm
    Diameter of Insulated                        0.4 mm dia.Conductor(Maximum)            0.5 mm dia.0.74 mm
    0.92 mm
    Rip cord  (0.4 & 0.5 mm dia.)Nylon – placed under Jacket for Jacket stripping
    Colour CombinationFor 0.4 mm dia. & 0.5 mm dia.
    PVC Jacket (0.4 mm dia. & 0.5 mm dia.)FRPVC compound with high oxygen index
    Approx. Outer Diameter 0.4 mm dia.0.5 mm dia.2.40
    Electrical Properties
    Electrical Parameters0.4 mm dia0.5 mm dia
    Conductor Resistance (max.) ohms/km at 20C143.092.20
    Mutual Capacitance (max.) nf/km5050
    Insulation Resistance in Air (min.) M-ohms/km10,00010,000
    Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Pair (max.) pF/km250250