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    Lead Free PVC Insulated Single Core Unsheathed Flexible CABLES Volatge grade Up to 1100 VOLTS IS 694:2010
    Used in environments where high-performance, reliability and safety is essential_ Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed public areas, underground train stations, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, chemical and pharmaceuticals plants, high-tech office with electronics equipments & computers, off shore installations, nuclear power plant, etc_
    Technical Data
    • Specification: IS :17048 :2018
    • Voltage Grade: Up to and Including 1100V
    • Conductor: HFFR/LSOH-ATAR Halogen Free Flame Retardant cables are made of bright annealed bare / Tinned Copper of highly pure Electrolytic grade with more than 100% conductivity which makes it an excellent conductor of electricity thus helps in savings energy as per Class 5 of IS : 8130 :2013/IEC -60228
    • Insulation: HFFIR/LSOH-ATAR cables are insulated with a specially formulated polyolefin thermoplastic compound with a halogen free fire retardant with Anti-Termite & Anti Rodent system which makes the cable non fire propagating, it does not emit highly corrosive halogen acid gases / toxic fumes and there is negligible smoke emission This ensures high level of safety in any installation with respect to fire situations while maintaining all performance parameters and Do not fear for rats and bugs as these wires are Anti¬Termite/Anti-Rodent and are made with a smooth surface finish for easy conduit wiring.
    Insulation Conformity: 15:17048 : 2018 Type of HFI-TP 70 (Thermoplastic) Annexure A with rated Temperature of 70°C.
    • Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Grey, White or any other colour as per customer requirement.
    • Marking: Ct-FLOC CABLE 7 HFFR SoMM 1100V IS 17048 151 NO. 6700090011.
    • Packing: Coil in 100 and 200 m in polythene wrapping.
    101% copper conductivity (IACS)100% bunched copper
    Higher oxygen index Higher temprerature index
    Low smoker densityDoesn’t contain halogen
    Protection of human life and the environmentTime-saving assembly
    Product Variants
    Product TypeSpecification
    Crosslinked thermoset -70°CIS :17048: 2018 TYPE OF HFI- XL70 C ANNEXURE A ,IS: 8130 : 2013
    Crosslinked thermoset -90°CIS :17048: 2018 TYPE OF XL90 C ANNEXURE A ,IS: 8130: 2013
    Technical Specification Single Core HFFR-ATAR Insulated Unsheathed Cable 1100 V
    Nominal Area of
    Number and
    Nominal Diameter
    of Wire
    Nominal Thickness
    of insulation
    Maximum Overall
    Current Carrying Capacity (Amps)Conductor
    Resistance at 20°C (Maximum)